Monday, June 2, 2014

now shut up, i got this

i've been out of blogging mode lately.
i have thought of lots of things to post, but none of them are ground-breaking. 

on friday i decided asher and i needed to have a picnic. 
due to some unforeseen circumstances with friends and neighbors, we didn't have much time. 
so we decided to set up in our front yard. 
about 5 minutes into asher's slow slow slow chip eating, seriously, like a turtle, he freaked out about the street gangs of mosquitos forming around us, so we went inside.
south texas, people. 
it's the mosquito promised land.

saturday we had the city-wide bike rodeo downtown.
i love downtown.
i hate driving around there, but walking the streets is nice.
we visited a church that i had heard was beautiful inside. 
it did not disappoint. 
lovely, lovely.

we had some time to kill before the awards ceremony so we sat down to enjoy a picnic lunch and halfway through we realized it was 10:17am. 
my bad.
i was starving.

i've been leaning on Jesus a bit more these days.
being in a situation where absolutely everything is out of your control is hard.
especially for a control freak like me.

in the fostering realm, nothing is definite except that definitely nothing is certain. 
did you get that?
it's kinda a circus up in here. 
so in this season of waiting and praying fervently for little lives around us, i came upon this verse which rocks my face off.

God will fight for them. --these little treasures who deserve families and love and support.
one of the parts that gets me is the, "you must be quiet," because i have been a motor-mouth praying for these little ones. and i've been all up in our case manager's business trying to get things moving. 
yes, these children need advocates, but
i need not let my emotions run away with me. 
it's like the Lord is saying, "I love you, now shut up, I got this."
--did i just offend people by saying Jesus says "shut up?"
i'm no theologian, so don't let my words carry too much weight. 

God is with these children. and He's with us, even when it's hard to trust.
i keep returning to the verse, 
"i believe; help my unbelief!"
--mark 9:24
i never understood that verse as fully as i do now.
i believe God, His promises are true, but i need help believing sometimes. 
i am weak, but He is strong.

please, if you think about it, pray for the children in foster care today.
--that their stories would be used for God's glory. that they would come to know Him and love Him with their whole hearts. 

thank you, friends. 


  1. I really, really like you. Your heart for the plight of the orphan echoes far and wide. You are a beautiful soul. May Jesus meet your every need in Christ Jesus.

    1. you are a sweet, dear friend. thank you so much. you have no idea what your prayers mean to us!
      we love you guys!
      hope everyone in your family is well now and doing great!


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