Tuesday, May 13, 2014

i haven't blogged in awhile. it's not that nothing exciting is going on, it's just where to start. and how much to share. and how to put words to all of it. all i can say is, things here are moving and shaking. and then they're not. and we sit here, awaiting the next thing.
but during this time of uncertainty in our circumstances, God is our sure foundation.

hopefully this time next week i'll have something to report. something new to share. but right now, it's just a waiting game.

some funny things from the recent past:
gabe was overreacting to spicy chips, the hubs acted it out, and elijah (who is 6) said "thanks for the demonstration!"

some of the boys have started tooting in the bathroom during shower time and before letting one rip, they yell out, "fire in the hole!"

judah's hair is getting out of control. we're letting him grow it out and i stinkin' love it. it's this curly mass of adorableness and a bit of wildness thrown in, which i must say, is quite fitting for the lad.

asher, when feeling shy or embarrassed in front of people, has started responding to things i say by saying, "really, mom? really?"

when talking about fostering with the boys (we are in the process of getting licensed again and are finishing up soon), their feelings, their concerns, the biggest one that always comes up is that the new foster child will sleep in a room by themselves. all the boys share (2 boys to each room). and they're concerned the new little one will feel lonely. this delights my heart. when i tried to explain that it will probably be a baby who wakes up every few hours for feeding, gabe said, "i'll take care of it!"
does he mean the baby? or the feeding? or both?
i think i might enlist him if the time comes.

enjoy your week. it's only tuesday, despite the feeling that it should be friday already.
some weeks are thataway. keep the faith, peeps.


  1. I love everything about this blog! What sweet boys you have!!!! Please give them big hugs from me!! And tickles from David. I cannot wait to hear how everything goes in the next few weeks. You're always in my prayers!! Phone date soon, please!!!!

    1. glad the whole 30 is going well for y'all! still no news. it's a bit frustrating. we'd like some idea of what's going on.
      hope y'all have an awesome weekend! the hubs is running the spartan race this morning and there's spear throwing involved.who doesn't love a good spear throw? :)
      love y'all!!


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