Monday, April 14, 2014

thanks for hitting me in the face and other stories

i buy bananas by the boat load. no matter how many i buy, they never go bad. 
the boys eat them as fast as i can get them.

when i sent the hubs a text with this picture saying, 
he said, "not at all."

we had a going-away party for my brother-in-law. he's a soldier and he's leaving for awhile and we will miss him. he hasn't even left yet and we're ready for him to come back home safe and sound.
 during his party weekend, we had 15 people come stay at our house. 
our AC broke right before.
now of course this was the weekend in texas where it was getting hotter and hotter. 
hopefully we didn't roast our guests too much.  
we bought extra fans. 
we're a breezy people.

another fun moment was when i came back from getting ice and my little elijah was bleeding with a hole where his tooth used to be.
 apparently it went down like this:
judah hit elijah in the face (i'm still not clear on whether judah was mad or not) 
then elijah's tooth fell out
then judah apologized
then elijah said, "it's ok!!! thank you, judah!"

--yep, he thanked his brother for hitting him in the face. 

in other news, we think we might have some angry nuns who live behind us.
i've met them, and in truth they're super nice. 
but we can't help wondering...

...the boys often lose toys over our fences and the neighbors end up throwing things back over.
tonight during dinner, something big and black flew at our back window at an alarming speed and smashed into it. 
it scared the poo out of me.
when the hubs went out to find what it was, it turned out to be a baseball glove.
from their yard to our back window is a pretty large distance. we think the nuns got angry and chunked it as hard as they could at our window as if to say, in an irish brogue, 
"you naughty kids! keep your game paraphernalia out of our yard!"

when i told the hubs i was a little afraid we might have angry neighbors, he said,
"i know, right! they're nuns. be Jesus, ladies."

i've been laughing so much this weekend my sides ache.  

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  1. Angry nuns..what great fodder for writing. Love you. Love your fan...and fans.


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