Sunday, July 27, 2014

little miss is here!

she came early this week, our little miss.
and she is a jewel.
i mean, truly.

she's sweet and grunts and snorts when we change her.
she wakes with a delightful smile on her face.
she spits up a lot and poops like a champ.

the boys love her.
they make faces at her.
they are sad when she cries.
they nicknamed her "gum ball."
--i guess because she's round and pink.
they fight over who helps with bath time and feeding.
no one fights over helping with dirty diapers.

we are in love.

and while we know this little angel might not be with us for a very long time, we are her family for as long as she needs us.
we hope and pray we get to have her join our forever family. but we also know God might have different plans for her.

pray for her biological family. they need healing.
pray for her. that she will grow up knowing God's love.
pray for us. that we will remember God has this whole thing in the palm of His hands.

we are overjoyed!
she is such a blessing.
thank you for your prayers, sweet friends!
you are a gift to us.

*there won't be pictures due to foster care rules and confidentiality issues, but just picture this: the cutest  little thing ever... multiplied by 14. so stinkin' cute.*

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

blog stalking, coffee, and inventions of the greatest caliber

i don't know if i have mentioned this lately, but i enjoy a good blog-stalking.
--now that's a great way to start a post, people.

i read every post by ashley ann and recently she went on a month-long camping trip with her whole family. they updated a vintage travel trailer and the pictures were so cute!
 later when i was on etsy, i saw this print and i thought of her. 
that's how much of a stalker i am... i see things and want to buy them as gifts for people i don't know.
--this in no way seems creepy, right?

(the print is from noodle hug

gabe is my inventor. he likes to build things.
at chick fil a, i'm not sure why, he decided he wanted a taller cup. 
so he built this stacking apparatus. 
nothin' says "fancy" like stacking styrofoam.
--setting the bar HIGH, people. 

the boys are obsessed with legos lately. the older boys tend to lean towards building jets and star wars vehicles but asher isn't quite there yet.
"here mom. look at this super long stick of legos. i stacked them myself."

i went for coffee a few weeks back with my dear friend lauren whom i hadn't seen in years.
we finally got together for some delicious coffee at crosswalk coffeehouse. seriously, the cup was bigger than my face and was so creamy and delicious. 

it was so wonderful and encouraging to see her. she truly delights my soul! 
she really is one of those friends you don't see for years and pick up right where you left off. 
my time with her was so refreshing! it felt so peaceful sitting still, with coffee, and no interruptions, just listening and talking about how God is teaching us. 

--so i took this photo of the boys so she could see how they've grown.
being off facebook does have its perks, but some friends still need a cuteness update. 
eat your heart out, friends.
the cuteness is here. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

the fourth...late

so this post is late.
fourth of july was a blast here and i just haven't gotten around to posting about it.

we not only got to celebrate the fourth, we also celebrated the hubs and his wonderful birthday!

we celebrate things by laying down.
(see below)

and playing miniature golf. 
asher kept holding his golf club in such a weird way, kind of like he was a grandfather clock with a pendulum. 

and for dinner we ate at a steak place. 
--because a manly man has manly birthdays--
this is the hubs and his dorky cheesy smile that he does when i make him take photos. 
elijah is always up for a picture, and with a smile like that, who can blame him?

our wonderful dear friends invited us to their lake house, where there was no water because we live in texas and it's dry 99% of the time, and it was fantastic! 

we didn't have to worry about the kids out in the open lake, playing rough, jumping into rocks, or drowning. 
they played on a water slide in the back yard while we all sat on the breezy porch and we all had a blast.
top the day off with fireworks and grilling meat...
who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

court follow up

thank you, thank you dear sweet friends, for all your prayers!
court went well yesterday.
biological parents were not there, which made it a bit easier for us since we were concerned about keeping ourselves anonymous.
the lawyer was so helpful. and that was a huge blessing.
the worker doesn't seem to like the idea of moving her, but we hope she'll come around.
the plan now is for them to staff it and hopefully make a plan to move the little miss.
we are still praying. we've heard that plan making would happen before and it was so discouraging when we discovered that no plans were being made, instead it seemed to be a stall tactic where someone was just being passively resistant. we hope and pray everybody will follow through on their promises and work hard to move her to our home quickly.
your continued prayers are very, very appreciated.
we are so thankful for each of you!
and as my friend, stephanie cherry said,
"may God make a way."

Monday, June 16, 2014

calling all prayer warriors

ok friends.
we need your prayers.
we are headed to court soon regarding the little one.
and we have no idea what God will do there.
we are supposed to go, keep quiet, and watch.
we were not invited.
some people don't want us there.
but we're headed out to a faraway town to support the little girl who we might never meet.
please pray.
for God's truth. for accountability and willingness amongst her team to do a job well.
for understanding and unity among people who decide big things for small people who have no voice.
for us, as we go and can do absolutely nothing. except pray. we can do that. and you bet your booty we will, people. because we serve a big God. and He can do big things.

it's been a rough road here lately with the little one's unknown future and the bigger little one whom we did not get but were ready to meet and hug and love and make a forever family with. it seems since march that God was showing us glimpses of things we cannot have, people we cannot meet. and i'd be lying if i said it was easy and peaceful. there have been some ugly cries, some frustrated shaking of fists to the sky, some nights of endless questions, and lots of prayers that go on repeat.
i am so glad our God hears us and cares for us when we pray.
i am so glad He tenderly loves these precious little kiddos. it comforts me when i am unable to hold them and love them in person.

if you think of us, will you please pray for the little precious pumpkin and the decisions being made about her future? and for God to carry us through this and prepare us for what He's doing, whether she gets to be a part of our family for a short while, forever, or never at all.

thank you, friends, for your support, encouragement, and willingness to cover our family in your prayers.
i'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


this is not how i wanted this to go.
i had it all planned out.
i was going to take pictures of pink things and then let y'all know we are getting to foster a baby girl.
it was going to be cute.

but it's not.
instead, we have an empty crib. 
and no baby.
that's what happens in the fostering world.

almost a month ago, our agency quickly licensed us to foster/adopt so we could get a specific little sweet girl. 
she's a bio sibling of one of our boys. 
so naturally, with everything you hear about the state and foster care, we would be the first choice to foster, right?
--all that "keep the siblings together" bit.
and some people were on board.
so on board, in fact, that they let us know as soon as our home study was finished and approved, she could be moved to our home.

well, that date came and went. 
and it's not looking good, folks. 
i won't go into details but basically nothing is happening.
so we are sitting here, waiting.
with an empty crib.
and empty arms.
and not knowing if she'll ever come. 

and then there's the previous situation from months back where we thought we were getting a little boy, a bio sibling of one of our son's. and that fell through.
man, what's the deal?

it's been so stinkin' hard.

the other day as i was walking past the crib and thinking how this pretty much sucks (great perspective, huh)
i looked above the crib at the embroidery hoop that my dear friend amanda jo made for me a few years back. 
i love it, it's so beautiful.

God, in His awesome patience and love, shows me things. 
i probably miss a lot of them. 
but this time, it was clear. 
in fact, one of my favorite verses says to "rejoice ALWAYS, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1Thes 5:16-18.

instead of wallowing, i could be rejoicing. 
yes, things are not working out the way we thought.
and i still have my moments of doubt, panic, grief, frustration, anger, and fear.
but i can rejoice because God's will is perfect.
and He loves her more than i ever could.
and even though she's not here with us, we get the blessing of getting to pray for her.
what a gift!

so maybe someday i'll have pretty pink things to show you and we'll have a sweet foster baby girl to spoil. maybe it'll be this little girl, or perhaps it'll be one we don't even know about yet.
 regardless, may God help me rejoice always. 

**we have a big appointment coming up in a few weeks regarding this precious girl.**
your prayers are so very much appreciated. 
it looks like mountains need to be moved in order for things to happen.
this little one needs her prayer warriors. 
and our family does, too.
thank you, friends. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

now shut up, i got this

i've been out of blogging mode lately.
i have thought of lots of things to post, but none of them are ground-breaking. 

on friday i decided asher and i needed to have a picnic. 
due to some unforeseen circumstances with friends and neighbors, we didn't have much time. 
so we decided to set up in our front yard. 
about 5 minutes into asher's slow slow slow chip eating, seriously, like a turtle, he freaked out about the street gangs of mosquitos forming around us, so we went inside.
south texas, people. 
it's the mosquito promised land.

saturday we had the city-wide bike rodeo downtown.
i love downtown.
i hate driving around there, but walking the streets is nice.
we visited a church that i had heard was beautiful inside. 
it did not disappoint. 
lovely, lovely.

we had some time to kill before the awards ceremony so we sat down to enjoy a picnic lunch and halfway through we realized it was 10:17am. 
my bad.
i was starving.

i've been leaning on Jesus a bit more these days.
being in a situation where absolutely everything is out of your control is hard.
especially for a control freak like me.

in the fostering realm, nothing is definite except that definitely nothing is certain. 
did you get that?
it's kinda a circus up in here. 
so in this season of waiting and praying fervently for little lives around us, i came upon this verse which rocks my face off.

God will fight for them. --these little treasures who deserve families and love and support.
one of the parts that gets me is the, "you must be quiet," because i have been a motor-mouth praying for these little ones. and i've been all up in our case manager's business trying to get things moving. 
yes, these children need advocates, but
i need not let my emotions run away with me. 
it's like the Lord is saying, "I love you, now shut up, I got this."
--did i just offend people by saying Jesus says "shut up?"
i'm no theologian, so don't let my words carry too much weight. 

God is with these children. and He's with us, even when it's hard to trust.
i keep returning to the verse, 
"i believe; help my unbelief!"
--mark 9:24
i never understood that verse as fully as i do now.
i believe God, His promises are true, but i need help believing sometimes. 
i am weak, but He is strong.

please, if you think about it, pray for the children in foster care today.
--that their stories would be used for God's glory. that they would come to know Him and love Him with their whole hearts. 

thank you, friends.