Monday, June 16, 2014

calling all prayer warriors

ok friends.
we need your prayers.
we are headed to court soon regarding the little one.
and we have no idea what God will do there.
we are supposed to go, keep quiet, and watch.
we were not invited.
some people don't want us there.
but we're headed out to a faraway town to support the little girl who we might never meet.
please pray.
for God's truth. for accountability and willingness amongst her team to do a job well.
for understanding and unity among people who decide big things for small people who have no voice.
for us, as we go and can do absolutely nothing. except pray. we can do that. and you bet your booty we will, people. because we serve a big God. and He can do big things.

it's been a rough road here lately with the little one's unknown future and the bigger little one whom we did not get but were ready to meet and hug and love and make a forever family with. it seems since march that God was showing us glimpses of things we cannot have, people we cannot meet. and i'd be lying if i said it was easy and peaceful. there have been some ugly cries, some frustrated shaking of fists to the sky, some nights of endless questions, and lots of prayers that go on repeat.
i am so glad our God hears us and cares for us when we pray.
i am so glad He tenderly loves these precious little kiddos. it comforts me when i am unable to hold them and love them in person.

if you think of us, will you please pray for the little precious pumpkin and the decisions being made about her future? and for God to carry us through this and prepare us for what He's doing, whether she gets to be a part of our family for a short while, forever, or never at all.

thank you, friends, for your support, encouragement, and willingness to cover our family in your prayers.
i'll keep you posted.

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