Sunday, March 23, 2014

part dos: the fun continues

so i mentioned in the last post  about aunt sissy and the fun that never stops. 
this is part 2.
today was judah and asher's gotcha day. 
three years ago today we became a forever family of 6. 
it seems like forever ago. 
and we've been rockin' and rollin' ever since.
if you'd like to read more about how God made our family, you can read our story here

so to celebrate the momentous occasion and the birthdays of 3 out of 4 boys, we went to a park where you can run like banshees, drive cars, ride on a carousel, and play with water. 
--basically everybody's dream.

elijah loved the carousel. 
look at those dimples. 

 gabe is quite the engineer. he loves to build things. he's a critical thinker. 
look at that focus!

we've decided that calling asher "tiny tornado" might be giving him a complex.
i jest.
but since he IS so small and we'd like him to bulk up and hit the 35 pound mark BEFORE his 5th birthday (it ain't gonna happen, folks. he just doesn't get heavier. no matter how many french fries he eats) he shall forever more be nicknamed rhino boy instead.
--this is mainly because we were talking about what animal each boy reminded us of (gabe: sea otter, judah: chimpanzee, elijah: koala bear) and when i asked asher's opinion, he said he was like a rhino.
um...he's nothing like a rhino, but i can't dash a young boy's dreams, so we went along with it.
he's fierce, he's got thick skin, and he doesn't sweat. i guess he has some similarities to the beast. 
here's rhino boy. using muscles. hard core.

i always tell judah his eyes are gorgeous. i decided to document it. 
look at those lashes!

to keep the fun going, we roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores and it was awesome.
the boys did great and aunt sissy was there so that's always an added bonus. 
nobody poked anyone in the eye and no one got burned.
HUGE success.
-yep, you read that right. nobody being injured is what defines success around here. 

part of our tradition of aunt sissy's visits are cascarones. 
-they're confetti eggs and they're pretty popular down in south texas.
so we had a confetti egg fight.
and i lost badly.
 this is me, with shards of a cascarone shell being shoved into my back by one of my loving, caring, sweet, and thoughtful children that i care for and cherish. can you feel the love?

and this right here folks should go in a magazine it's so stinkin' cute. 
aunt sissy and rhino boy.
friends for life. 
--with their side-kick, jake the dog who's mute. 
the weekend was wonderful.
hope yours was too!
and if you're looking to add some adventure and fun to your life, aunt sissy makes house calls!

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