Saturday, March 22, 2014

aunt sissy part 1: lobsters, cream soda, and a mute dog

awesome weekend.
so fun!
and this post is only part one!
we love aunt sissy and her dog jake, who happens to be mute (see above beautiful chalk art)

we saw lobsters singing (gabe in his pta show)
we ate yummy food. 
played outside.
ran around like banshees.

looked at a marketplace for a fiesta wreath. 
found a huge hat bigger than asher.

and drank cream soda to our heart's content. 
it was awesome. 

my sissy and i got to paint pottery and talk and spend time together. 
and again, with the cream soda. 
so yummy. 

we use aunt sissy as an excuse to squeeze as much fun into a weekend as possible. 
--because with aunt sissy, you can't help but have fun!

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