Monday, March 17, 2014

giving children a complex and moms who run like banshees

well, looks like we may have made it through the latest illness.
gabe threw up on judah's birthday.
that's two bdays in a row where someone threw up.
i mean, my family truly knows how to celebrate.
yay! you have something exciting going on in your life? i'm gonna puke.

i jest.

happy birthday to the jude-meister. he is such a sweetie pie. i tell yah, i'm one blessed mama.

my sister is coming in this weekend for some awesome fun.
there will be laughing.
there will be jokes about tooting.
there will be cascarones (confetti eggs).
there will be picnics and celebrations of adoptions.
yep, friends. gotcha day is approaching.
3 years ago we became a forever family of 6.
it feels like AGES ago.

so life is moving along quite nicely. in this moment.
i think the Lord is teaching me flexibility and i'm such a slow learner.
every plan and preparation we've made to do anything remotely fun has absolutely and totally fallen apart except judah's bday celebration. we did that. and i'm sure he's happy it's the one thing that worked out.

besides that, we've been sick for two solid weeks. my hands are raw and sore from washing and sanitizing so much. my washing machine and dryer have been on overload. my kids might be developing a complex because they're getting used to hearing me say, "don't touch anything! you're sick" or "he's sick" or "you look sick" or "who threw up last?"
yesterday i went out to help the hubs unload things from his car and started running around the car repeatedly waving my hands in the air. --i realized i hadn't been outside enough and decided to make up for my recent inactivity.
hopefully the neighbors will still be friends with the strange woman who runs like a banshee.
i know i would be friends with anyone who even remotely resembles a banshee. but not everyone is so open-minded, i know.

so hopefully we can stay healthy because i am ready to do this spring thing, people. i am so excited for blooming things and open windows and sitting with the sun shining on my face. ah, that sounds amazing.

go pick a flower, it's almost spring friends!

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