Sunday, February 2, 2014

flu. and yummy dip. no correlation.

so we've been kinda in a slump this week.
sickness. flu. fever.

 elijah is the only one still sick.
and everyone else has been in a totally different part of the house so as not to expose them.
and i'm desperately hoping it works.

yesterday i just needed to get out and enjoy the sunshine for a minute.
--with only healthy kids in tow. don't worry. i know what it's like to have a SUPER susceptible kiddo who gets any illness he's near (asher was a very sick baby), so i try my hardest not to get out with sick kids and spread the ick.

so i took the 3 healthy ones to a park.
we ran.
we walked.
we played.
we climbed trees.

gabe likes to go high. 
judah likes to hang.
asher likes to whimper a bit until i hold him.
it's pretty fun.

then today we missed church AGAIN because of the flu.
last week it was a different kid with a different illness. 
--keeping me on my toes, fellas. 
and i asked the hubs if he would play some atari with the healthy boys.
elijah, poor thing, is sequestered in the guest room with the ipad. and i think he's doing just fine. 

while they're playing, i'm hearing things like, 
"you're killing me, smalls"
"i'm just shooting myself."
"this is a painful experience. just aim and shoot!"
"i just shot my beard off"---"you don't have a beard."
"aaah you're on my arm!"---"why is your arm under my chair?"
good times.

and since we can't hang out with friends for the super bowl, i decided we would make something of it  by ourselves.
i made this amazing buffalo wings dip that knocks my socks off. 
not sure where the recipe is from, but my friend stacy gave it to me. (it's included below)

we'll be eating unhealthy foods in our pajamas. and i hope it turns out awesome and fever free.
4pm today would be 24 hours without fever for elijah. 
pray, friends. pray hard.

here's the recipe for the 
amazing, tasty buffalo wings dip:
2 cans chicken
3/4 cups Frank's buffalo sauce - comes in several hotness levels
1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles
1/2 cup ranch dressing
8 oz cream cheese (soften before putting in bowl)
--mix all together into a baking dish and bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
serve with veggies.
i also serve with some french bread or crackers.

here's to a flu-free week for all of us, friends.


  1. I had the exact same dip this superbowl..Becky made it..delish.

  2. isn't it so yummy?
    miss your face!


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