Friday, January 31, 2014

another one bites the dust

**the following is all said in a hushed tone so no one around me can hear.**

so i'm here, in a room by myself, with an air purifier going so loudly i can hardly hear myself think.
this weekend ended with asher being sick. fever...and then ear pain. so off to the doctor we go on tuesday. double ear infection. guess those p.e. tubes came out.

wednesday i thought i broke my toe. and my body's response to the pain was to make me think i was going to pass out. yeah, yeah i'm a wuss, i know. i quickly walked by the hubs (who's half asleep) on my way to the bathroom and said in a breathy, dying tone, "honeypleasecareforthekidsbecausei'mgoingtopassout." he didn't really respond. turns out he was actually still asleep. as i lay on the floor feeling like i was going to die, with my body outstretched on the cold tile floor, and the icky, clammy feeling all over me, all four kids needed help getting ready for school. thankfully, the hubs woke up and took care of it.  he's kinda amazing.
after about 30 minutes of the horrible weird thing my body occasionally does when i have sharp, intense pain, i felt better. but my toe hurt like the dickens.

wednesday afternoon i hobbled to pick up the boys at school. elijah got into the car, said he didn't feel good, started crying and coughing, and then threw up everywhere. in the car line.
"don't mind me, people. nothing to see here. just lots of vomit."
i called the doctor immediately because i figured he had an ear infection too and it was already 3:00. the doctor could see us in 30 minutes. what a blessing! i quickly dropped the boys off at a friend's house (another blessing) and took my all-of a-sudden feverish and vomiting child in to see our amazing pediatrician. he rocks our faces off.

elijah's temp was 102.something.
met two ladies at the doctor's office who were fostering and were licensed thru the agency we used. got to chat for a bit with them (another blessing). flu test came back negative. doc thinks it's probably the onset of the stomach flu. oh geez.
head home.

elijah's been running a fever off and on for 3 days now. --but no stomach issues. hooray! additional blessing! called doctor. said it's probably the actual flu but the test came back negative on wednesday was probably too soon to register? maybe?
so elijah is sequestered in one corner of the house, poor dude.
the hubs is home sick today with a cough and cold. i don't think it's the flu.
and i'm ready for a nap.

so our house is basically a ticking time bomb. who's gonna get sick next? time will tell. maybe no one! that would be amazing! but i would like this to be your warning: if you come to our house, you might end up sick. and if we have made plans with you for any event in the near future, we will be canceling. because around here, the illnesses are lingering.

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