Monday, February 17, 2014

beast called housework and other random thoughts

well folks. life's been fun around here.
the boys are reading like champs. after lots of struggling.
it's pretty exciting.

this is a real fish. i know. i know. it looks like something my children made out of clay.
i went up to the dallas area for a kids' weekend with my side of the family. 
my mom had these with her sisters and mom and dad when she was also a momma and wife herself.
so my sister decided to implement it with our family this year.
below is my aunt marian (who looks like my mother's twin), myself, my sissy, and my brother david.
we ate lots of yummy food, laughed a ton, and made fun of each other.
we stopped at the aquarium and i was reminded that God has a sense of humor. especially when you see fish like the one above. 
we may have also gotten in trouble at church for being too wild and silly.
i can't help it if i think it's hysterical to sing two beats late every measure. 

on a random note: my children like to play dead in our driveway. and then get a brother to outline them with chalk.
this is normal around here.

 i have to be honest with y'all, i'm so behind on everything.
i'm getting nothing done but i'm pretty busy all day long.
i tell moms it's so easy to feel like you're not getting anything done. write everything down. and then check it off. even simple things that you do everyday.
so my to-do list looks like this:
quiet time
do dishes
eat lunch

--yes i include lunch. because that way, by 12:30, i can usually check off at least one item ;)
my mom always says, "all you can do is what you can do, and you can't do any more." 
and some days i'm ok with this.
other days i get so frustrated that i seem to have worked all day long and the house looks like the same disaster it was at 6:05am. 
the bathrooms need cleaning, the floor needs vacuuming, and the kids' old clothes need sorting.
someone please bring me a yummy white chocolate mocha and attack this beast called housework with me.
love y'all peeps.

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  1. Margaret! I need to ask you some foster care/agency questions! We are in the middle of pre-service. Email me when you have a free Funny right? Free minute? Add it to your to do list. :)

    Abby Pawelek


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