Friday, February 28, 2014


i have cute pics on my phone of things.
like yummy smelling soap from world market in a mason jar
and my son's face all squished up and hilarious
and a small hand-picked bouquet of flowers from the yard in a fiesta creamer
but i am too lazy to put them up on this post.
and since that's what's keeping me from doing another post, i thought i'd shed the chains of
the-requirement-of-having-beautiful-photos-in-each-post and just do it.

since i'm posting so sporadically, i feel like every post lately is a catch-all of information that is actually not related to anything at all. such is life.

so tomorrow my eldest turns 8. yep. you read that right. how can he be 8 already? this means we have been parents for 6 years, which is nuts. somedays it feels like it's been at least 15.
we have three of the boys' birthdays within one month of each other as well as two of the boys' gotcha days (the anniversary of the adoptions) and we usually don't do parties because they can get to be kinda overwhelming. so this year we decided to let each boy choose one of three activities and bring one friend. they could choose a jumping place, chuck e cheese, or the zoo. (and for the record, all three could have picked the same place because i made them choose all by themselves in a room alone with me. i didn't want them to change their plan for their birthday just because a brother had an opinion.) then they each picked their friend. and they each picked their dessert for the celebration. we are excited. tomorrow the festivities begin!

judah sometimes says things in the wrong order and tonight said, "it's gabe's final birthday tomorrow" which sounds kinda ominous but he actually meant "it's finally gabe's birthday tomorrow." the english language, am i right?

happy birthday gabe. we love you, man.

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