Saturday, January 4, 2014

you can eat pie. doesn't that sound amazing?

we met the cherry family 
(when there were only two of them and two of us...ah, those pre-kid days. feels like a lifetime ago) when the hubs and i were first married.
they were married longer. they were wiser than us. 
and they were wonderful.
they ARE wonderful. 

we only attended church with the cherry family for a year and then moved to a different town, but we kept in touch... for almost 10 years now...and the testimony this family has of God's great provision in their lives is such an amazing story.

i know i've mentioned them many times before, and it's because God is using them mightily. 
 in order to restore their home, which is also their ministry, they sell pies, artwork, organize a fish fry to raise funds, and sacrifice so much to bring the Gospel to those who are lost and hurting. 
you should read their story. you should share their story. it's pretty stinkin' amazing. 
they really love people, ya'll. 
like really.

now they are dealing with lots of craziness related to their home, their car, their finances. 

dear friends, please consider praying, giving, sharing, and serving with this wonderful family.
they are so creative with the resources God gives them. 
you can serve with a church group in their home, buy art for friends, give them vegetables from your garden so they can feed people (stephanie's idea. she's so smart. it's like she does this for a living) or eat pie that denbigh makes (um, hello, this is an awesome choice.)
i can testify to the love they share with others.
they are His hands and feet in a community that desperately needs Jesus.

may we all demonstrate God's grace in our communities and be the hands and feet of God to those who desperately need Him. 
don't we all desperately need Him.

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