Sunday, January 5, 2014

my pantry solution

i know it's all the rage to clean house after Christmas. 
and i'm not gonna lie to y'all:
i love it.

my organizational endeavors never look as good as those on pinterest, although i really wouldn't know because i'm not on pinterest.
don't faint.
it's gonna be ok.
i know i'm probably the only woman on the planet that doesn't partake in that.

but being photo-worthy doesn't matter to me as much as a more functional use of space.

we've been in our new home for about 6 months and we've brainstormed and played around with different ideas as to how to make the space work better for our needs. 

one example:
four boys and a small pantry?
that's not gonna work much longer.

so on friday night, i got my jam on and organized the crazy out of our kitchen/pantry/laundry room.
isn't that what everybody's doing on friday nights?

we have a wardrobe in our formal dining room (right off the kitchen) that had craft stuff in it but wasn't really doing much.

the hubs bought shelves so we could use the tall space more efficiently

and we put all our paper goods in it as well as some table linens and some boxed foods.
side note: i have a cup-buying problem. do you see all those cups? dang, people.
that's what happens when i'm not organized...
i end up buying stuff i already have and don't even know it.
party at my house, peeps.
i'll provide the cups.

-finished product-

i cleared off the tops of both refrigerators (because although this space is usable, when i put stuff up there it makes the whole kitchen and laundry room look so cluttered.)
 now most of that stuff is in the wardrobe. --like cups.
did i mention i have plenty of cups?

(now only laundry baskets are on top of the black fridge and nothing is on the tan one. it's beautiful.)
(and that basket that's full of clothes, those are the clothes no one fits in but we need to save them for asher when he finally starts growing. 
do y'all throw clothes that don't fit anyone into a random place to deal with later? is it just me?)

the laundry room looked like this:
one side, then the other

now it looks like this:

i don't have all my Christmas decor put away or the lights off the front of the house, but by golly that laundry room makes me happy.
i was having to store all my cleaning supplies in many different places and now they're all where i can find them easily.

my kids head back to school tomorrow and my plan is to exercise and then have a cup of coffee by myself. and you know how i love a cup of coffee by myself.
have a wonderful week, friends.

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