Friday, January 3, 2014

the wonderful parts

so the wonderful parts of Christmas were many, as were ones listed in the previous post.

we got to spend time with my sissy. she might kill me for putting a picture of her in her pjs on my blog, but she loves me enough to forgive me...i hope.
between us, we have three miniature schnauzers. hers is mute.
--which i like to make fun of. --which i know makes me a horrible person.
but a dog chomping around silently is hilarious. i don't care who you are. that's funny.

for my sister's birthday, we headed out to the family farm for the weekend.
fun times were had even though judah got sick. 
marshmallows were roasted, fires were poked, tractor rides were had. 
we love the farm.

my dad took elijah to the farm earlier than the rest of us so that elijah could have some time being a big dude without his brothers.
for the days leading up to his travel, he was beaming. 
one-on-one time with poppy is awesome. 

 below is my dad's old truck. and my sister photo-bombing the pic. 
we were freezing but didn't mind. there's something so lovely about riding around in the back of a truck in the countryside. we didn't go out on the road, don't worry.

on my last night at my parents' house, i started feeling a bit ill, justin had flown back home days earlier, and the kids were taking quite awhile to go to sleep.
my mom called me out of their room and into the living room.
she had the lights turned off and the tree lights on. 
she told me to sit down and put my feet up for just a minute and enjoy the tree.
she knows i love a good Christmas tree.
with big lights. 
it is so peaceful.
so in the midst of a total nightmare, as far as stomach bugs spreading throughout an entire family are concerned, my mom made me sit for a minute and enjoy something i love about Christmas.
and that's one of the many reasons i love her.
she gave me a moment of solitude and quiet during a holiday full of crazy. 

i am so grateful for our family. 
-and for quiet moments beside a tree to just savor the holiday. 

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