Wednesday, January 1, 2014

i'm not on the ball

happy new year!

for all those people out there who are a bit behind and are getting irritated by all the status updates about how people are organizing, already have their Christmas stuff put away, or are cleaning their house to perfection, find solace here. 
we are not doing any of those things.

Christmas was rough, people.
it was at times very lovely, but it was rough.

elijah threw up on the ride up to my parents' house...several times
a family friend who was celebrating Christmas with our family got sick and ended up in the ER
asher had to be on his asthma action plan with neb treatments every three hours
our dog got attacked by a neighbor's dog and we had to take her to the vet ER
the hubs flew back early to work and then more stuff happened...
my mom got sick
judah got sick
our dogs ran away
and then i got sick

whew. is that everything? i think so.
so needless to say, there were days that weren't so lovely.
i don't think any of our holiday would be worthy of a Christmas carol being written about it.
but if so, maybe we could entitle it something about a plague?
"oh the stomach bug is frightful, to be healthy would be delightful.
there's no place we can go...
oh this blows, oh this blows, oh this blows."

now don't get me wrong, being with family was awesome, celebrating our Savior's birth was so wonderful, and we got to be with my sissy for her bday which was fun, but the sickness thing was out of control. and it's good to be home.

as for the new year, i'm seeing lots of posts about resolutions and the like. 
i am not organized.
i am not prepared.
the house is not clean.
and i'm not too worried about it.

so i say to you...let's enjoy this day.
let's enjoy our families.
if that means organizing or cleaning or seeing a movie or putting away Christmas stuff or spending the last bit of holiday with friends and family or baking a cake or cuddling up with a hot cup of tea or exercising, 
may you have an awesome beginning to this year.

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