Friday, December 20, 2013

pie, illness, sanitizing, the grinch...all in a day's work, eh?

it hath begun.

um...when a neighbor gives you a pumpkin pie and you had extra chocolate milk from a kid's school function left's the holidays. and nobody's judging if you and your family basically eat the whole pie and drink all the chocolate milk in a day or two. 
merry Christmas.

there's been napping.
and cuddling.
--all since 3pm.

and it wouldn't be Christmas-time without a kid having a stomach bug and missing out on the last day of school. and yours truly missing helping out with all the Christmas parties because i got to stay home with said sick child. poor little dude. 
merry Christmas.

but staying home gave me time to fold 16 a few loads of laundry.
and chat it up about the plot line to home alone with my sick kiddo. 
because who doesn't love explaining that plot line. 
"if i were home alone, i'd punch them in the face."
--ok, jude. sounds good

here's rudolph and myself. with his nose shining oh-so-brightly. 
he keeps telling me, "merry Christmas!" over and over. 

and washing tons of dishes and getting the house ready for the holidays is my jam.

the stomach bug really threw me this morning. i was a bit miffed because i had tons to do today, which i know...makes me selfish and not very sweet to my sick kiddo. but it turned out to be a somewhat lovely day. and i assure you judah wasn't totally neglected while ill on the couch chillin' like a villain, watching about a gazillion Christmas movies. 
it wasn't all roses and apple cinnamon smells, but we work with what we got, am i right?

i've gone through the cute party favors from the boys' Christmas parties, lit some candles, and sanitized the crap out of the house. literally. ha. --i enjoyed that one. 
and this is my view while i sit with the kids. stockings and homemade ornaments and grinch commercials for later tonight. 
merry Christmas.

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