Monday, December 9, 2013

late. my bad.

i know this is really late.
the pics had trouble behaving while i was putting them in this post last week and now it's like,
 "what? a thanksgiving post? it's almost Christmas, lady."
sure, sure, i know.
but i had to give mad props where mad props are 

thanksgiving was phenomenal people.
let me tell you why.
(kids wrestling with the hubs) 

no one threw up.
no one needed medical care.
no breathing treatments were required.
no one bled.
people slept.
--at times, for longer than normal.
it was a thanksgiving miracle, people. truly.
we saw family. lots of 'em.
and had an amazing time.

(some of my wee ones with aunt hillary. the boys met her new daughter and we played fruit ninja

the hubs would wake up with the kids to let me sleep in one day, and then i'd take the early shift the next.
it was like a well-oiled machine.
oh to be truthful, there was yelling, fighting, impatience, irritation, and challenges, but hey, that happens every hour on the hour up in here, folks.

(the hubs, his brother-sandor-and the boys. --glaring into the sunlight as i yell "smile people, i'm taking a picture here! look like you love each other, dang it!")

it was the first trip in a really long time that went really well.
we travel a bit and we have become accustomed to the challenges of said travel.
but this trip was wonderful. 

(judah is quite the little artist and momage (my mother-in-law) had a nifty table set up in the living room with coloring books and map pencils where the boys camped out and made beautiful works of art. it was the jam!)

 i am so glad we got to spend time with family.
hope you guys had a lovely weeks ago. 

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