Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jesus posse and nativity scenes

so i bought this manger scene from target yesterday.
it was $15 and was on sale for 30% off. 
i saw wooden peg-like people and thought i just had to have it.
it's something bright and colorful and kid-friendly.

i had seen adorable things like this on this blog (although i can't find the exact post) but all the sets were always more than i could spend.
so spending less than 15 bucks on a whole set sounded like a bargain.

i have to say, though, that the workmanship is kinda crappy.
some of the pieces are made of paper. paper, people.
kids plus paper accessories on a nativity equals paper pieces that don't last the afternoon.
so i've kept the angels (with paper wings...isn't that a song?) above my kitchen sink to keep me company and the halos on mary and joseph didn't last 5 minutes with my tiny tornado asher running amuck with them. 
but regardless of how the paper held up, i'm still enjoying the purchase. 

have i mentioned that i put all the wise men from all our nativity scenes somewhere together, away from the actual nativity scenes? 
they're traveling. 
biblically they weren't at the manger, so i'm trying to keep it real up in here.

am i ocd?
but it's how i roll.
plus it's fun looking at a whole herd of wise men above our tv.
-like a posse of Jesus-lovin' folks.

happy bargain shopping, friends. 

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