Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a year in review

a year in review.
well, people, i'm gonna sum it all up for you.
apparently we are learning to roll with it, since life has been in flux all year long. i'm pretty sure that's just the way life is.

here's the top 10 list of things that happened this year up in mi familia:

10. i had sinus surgery. (ooh. ahh.) and it changed my life. i went from being sick once a month to being sick three times this whole year. bam. thank yah very much, sinus doctor. you rock my face off.

9. i thought we were ready to foster more children. see number 8.

8. i realized we were not ready to foster more children. (the hubs saying we weren't ready for a few months didn't really resonate with me. then the kids started school. yep. we're done for now. the hubs is such a smart man, i tell yah.)

7. the hubs took a trip with the older 3 children out of state for a few days and it was so weird only having one kiddo home with me. he was sick of course, that's how he rolls. but the whole thing was like a foreshadowing of days to come where it won't be quite as much "all hands on deck to keep the children from staging a coup." good times.

6. 2 of our brothers got married. it was kinda amazing. not gonna lie. so now i've got two more sister-in-laws. holla, hillary, jenna, meagan!

5. i took a trip to kentucky by myself to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday and it was great. family is nice. and finishing a whole conversation without children interrupting was eerily...nice.

4. a new niece was born. kora. she's a cutie. --or as elijah says, "she's a cute." and she's the only grandbaby girl on my husband's side. i think she'll be spoiled sweet.

3. the hubs went to india for 16 days and we were pretty much sick the whole time. but we did not die. so that's a plus. --yep. that's how i feel about the whole situation.

2. all four boys started a new school. um...not pleasant, no. but we're alive. and they're smarter than they were at the beginning of the year. and they now know the song, "what does a fox say," but they sing about letter sounds instead. those teachers...such a creative bunch.  i heart them.

1. we moved to a new house in an old town. actually it's an old house, but it's new to us. and we're back to living so close to my hub's work so that part has been phenomenal. the move itself has been an adjustment to say the least but we are rolling with it. and we've made new friends with our neighbors and school buddies. i bribe them with cookies and homemade jam.

so that's us. in a nutshell.
how was your year?

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