Friday, December 13, 2013

wish list

i'm getting my vintage on, people.
my mother in law spoils me and while we were visiting at thanksgiving, she let me go through a few things from her mother's house.
vintage, lovely things.
and she let me take some! 

above are an apron (be still, my beating heart) and an afghan. 
rock. my. face.

then i started looking at etsy. what was i thinking?
every year at Christmas, people ask me what i'd like, and i never know what to tell them.
a friend of mine mentioned that her friend makes an amazon wishlist and just tells people to look at that.
wish list, eh?
so i started looking at etsy and marking my favorite things so i could have a small list ready.
the only problem is: i made it too late. and now everyone is done with their shopping.

i'm realizing that this whole post sounds very "i want i want i want."
i don't get presents often. we're not really a present kind of family, so when it's time for presents, i get a little excited.
is that shallow?

so here's a few of my favorite things.
some of the pics are weird because i took a screen shot with my phone before i thought about posting about these, bad.

this shirt is from RestoretheOrphan. i love it. especially because it encourages fostering. 
and not many organizations promote that as much as adopting.

this canister is so stinkin' lovely. but it's really pricey. 
it's from hensfeathers. 

this green tray is for sale by moonlightmartini and i think it's super cute. i'm wanting a tray for my coffee table, but she uses this one as a memo board. i love that idea, too. 

i think these canisters from northandsouthshabby are my favorite. i texted the hubs a picture and said, 
"i love these... what? you want me to buy them?"
he's such a generous man.
um...i'm still waiting on his response which i'm sure will sound something like,
"maggie may, you fabulous woman, you! buy yourself somethin' pretty!"
gee, thanks, sweetie-kins!
**during the course of writing this post, he did text back.
and he said 
didn't i tell you he's fantastic. and funny.
thanks, hubs, for your amazing Christmas gift to me!**

noodlehug has the cutest prints. a lot of them have lyrics that i laughed out loud to.
so clever!

and since this post is so random, i'll share with you a lovely little tidbit from our lives.
gabe had to write 10 silly sentences using his spelling words. 
i wasn't there when he did it because pink eye has overtaken our house and i was at the doctor with elijah and it's been the pits with me yelling "don't touch anything! ahhhh!" over and over again.
truly fun. 
one of his sentences was 
"i like stamps that have someone who is poking their eye."
that is my kid, people.


  1. That afghan!!!!!!! Can Momage adopt me?

    1. she really is the most wonderful momage in the whole world.
      i told her that the three of us should have an antique weekend. can you imagine us rockin' it out on the antiquing scene?
      it would be amazing. :)


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