Wednesday, November 13, 2013

through His people

so a few years ago, we moved our suddenly-much-larger family to a smaller town on the outskirts of the big town we've lived in for 9 years. 

i had never lived in a small town. 
it was a change.

just this summer, we moved right back. even further into the big city. -like blocks away from my husband's work.
sometimes i look back to that random two years and think, "what was it for? i don't get it. it seems so segregated and compartmentalized."

and then i realize one of the huge blessings from our time in that small town.
our friends.

in such a short time, we met so many people who love Jesus. 
and not just love Him and stop there.
they're like full-blown-Jesus-lovin'-i-can't-not-tell-you-about-His-amazing-grace
kinda people.

and i'm so thankful that when we moved back into the city, i am still close enough to visit with these friends.

today i visited with my friend, nive.
she's the one who told me about the catechism book i mentioned called "training hearts, teaching minds" by starr meade. 

we got together with our boys and let them run around and play.
and man, did we talk.

she shared with me ideas she has about ministry and gifts God has given her to use for His glory.
i shared with her about our search for a church in our community, trying times with children in school, and this new advent book i'm excited to start in December.

and it was the best time.
-a time of encouragement to my soul, of strengthening and refreshing.
she's a dear friend who is living out her faith intentionally with the goal of sharing Christ with those around her.

i am so thankful for friends like that.
ones you can talk with for hours about repentance, conviction, screw-ups, inspirations, concerns, and new revelations.

i have several friends from our time in the small town that have ministered to my soul and for them i am so very thankful.

as i write this, i know that there are believers out there who do not have friends like that.
they are isolated, alone, and struggling.
my prayer is that every believer would be blessed by a few wonderful, godly friends who can come alongside them and encourage them in the faith.

may we as believers be the hands and feet of Christ, used by Him to minister to those around us. 

God's love through His people is pretty incredible.


  1. awww,,, are so dear to me and i miss seeing you around here.I am so glad our path crossed unintentionally and continue to do so intentionally.Encouraged and enriched i am by our friendship..I had the best time today.I need to check out that advent book now :-)

    1. it was so good to spend time with you! can't wait to do it again soon!


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