Sunday, November 17, 2013

he's back

he's back.

the hubs has been traveling for work for two weeks and we've missed him terribly.
i had all these fun things planned for while he was gone- to keep us busy and make it extra special and hardly any of them worked out because we've all been sick.

a few years ago, he went for five weeks. it was easier then. no school, it was summer, we traveled and visited family and friends. even though the kids were smaller, the ease of a flexible routine made the time pass faster.

this time it was the pits.
we like him.
we like having him around.
we're glad he's back. 

and he brought us presents.
please look past the part where i haven't cut my children's hair in years and they look like feral forest dwellers.

the hotel he stayed at had a vendor who made these clay bracelets.
in india they call them 'bangles.'

 he also got me this beautiful scarf.
i know it sounds shallow, but i love presents. 
so much.

and today, due to jet lag and just plain old fatigue, we are home. 
with coffee and playing children and doggies and a husband who's HOME.
it's lovely up in here, peeps.

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