Monday, November 11, 2013

the 'roids

so life around here...
not for the weak.

halloween was fun in our new neighborhood.
the boys had a great time.
as our evening progressed, i realized i was getting sick.

then asher got sick.

then gabe made me this sign to hold up when people cough so i didn't have to use my voice.
my throat hurt so badly.
gabe is hilarious. 
and creative.
my favorite combo.

then my friend and i decided one night to take the boys out to dinner because i felt too sick to make it myself.
they entertained us with these faces...

then, when i thought i might be feeling better, we invited friends over for a movie night...only for me to get worse. 

we had just met these new friends and were so excited to have them over. i didn't want to cancel on them!
turned out, it was the...
worst movie night ever.
dum. dum. dum. (tragic)
 i hope they don't give up on us. 
these were not our finest moments. 

so i holed up all weekend to get better and finally got on some steroids. 
now i'm sweating just sitting here and feel like rearranging furniture.
--the 'roids. 
hard core.

hope this post finds you all healthy.
can't wait until we all are.

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