Saturday, October 26, 2013


well folks, today was my birthday.
it was grand.
i had the best time!

the hubs took care of the kids while i slept in late...he even took care of breakfast.
what a sweetheart.

then my friend, leanna banana and i headed out to lunch and a few stores.
i bought nothing.
 i did spy adorable things at anthropologie but i just use that store to daydream.
i've never bought anything from there.

these notecards are precious.

 i dig this calendar, too.

when i returned from a fun-filled luncheon with my friend, i returned home to these beautiful birthday cards made by the four cutest boys on the face of the planet. they were truly thoughtful cards...
one has a drawing of me tucking in elijah, one is a picture of asher and i snuggling when he's sick, judah's has all sorts of beautiful bright happy things on it, and gabriel's is one of the most detailed cards i've ever received.
so sweet. 
they blessed my soul. 
they were immediately hung up for others to enjoy.

our new neighbors recently opened up a new business so we went to check it out.
this swing was for sale and we decided to try it out. 
it was lovely.

i picked my own flowers because i am lame and live with a bunch of boys, who are thoughtful, but don't usually pick flowers. 
i am so enjoying our beautiful yard. especially the roses. they smell amazing.

the hubs made me a delicious cake. 
my favorite. 
my gramma's lemon cake.
mmm mmm good.

we ate a lovely dinner outside and then after getting eaten alive by mosquitos, decided to open presents and eat cake inside a cool, non-mosquito-ridden house.

 i cannot even begin to say all the things i'm thankful for.
i had a wonderful time and the Lord has blessed me beyond all comprehension.
it was such a lovely day.

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  1. How did i forget your birthday?I knew you are a October baby :-) Well, looks like your had a wonderful birthday..Happy Birthday Friend ! Those hanging cards are precious and i am red with jealousy that you get to pick your own flowers. Seriously? ..and how can i forget the oh so tempting lemon cake..recipe please.


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