Wednesday, October 23, 2013

loads and loads of laundry, laughs, and some other word that starts with L for the sake of alliteration

so we tried on the halloween costumes to make sure everyone's fit.
asher's was too big (this is never news around here, he's a tiny man) so we gave him a mask so he could participate.
i think the theme this year is "don't mess with us" or maybe "bad to the bone."
we have a vampire (not scary. we try to stay away from scary)
darth vader
a ninja
and eventually asher will be bumblebee, not optimus prime.
my sister-in-law gave us these costumes back when we were visiting them in kentucky in july.
mad props, chris. you saved the day. 

elijah's third gotcha day was yesterday. that's three years of being a forever family.
he is such a blessing. 
he picked chick fil a as his restaurant of choice.
his teacher asked "i have to ask, what's gotcha day? he keeps talking about it. but when i ask he just says y'all get to go out to eat."
i think this is hilarious. 
here we are, trying to celebrate a momentous occasion like adoption, and he's thinking about food.

if anyone can tell me what this tree is that's flowering in my yard and produces a small round white fruit looking thing kinda the size of a cherry tomato, i will be forever grateful.
we can't figure out what it is, but it is lovely.
so many things are blooming right now. 
it's like one last burst of summer before fall sets in.

now here's the deal with this picture.
you might be saying to yourself, "holy poo, maggie may, that's a ton of laundry."
and it's true. 
you would be right.
the hubs was playing hide and seek with the boys one night and this pile happened to be the perfect hiding spot for him. 
there's a hubs hiding under there.
he jumped out and scared them and they had such a good laugh.
it was hilarious.
family time pretty much rocks my face off.

and it gives me an excuse to not fold clothes for awhile. 

happy fall, people. hope you're getting to spend some fun time with your fams.


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