Thursday, October 17, 2013

like a tossed salad

every post around here is like a tossed salad. 
a little of this and a little of that.
--well, that's kinda life around here.

the boys have been learning about saving, spending, and giving.
this week we went to the dollar store and let them pick out $2 worth of toys.
they were very excited. and it was a good learning experience, letting them pay for it themselves.
but within an hour most of the toys broke.
next time we'll save up more and head to target or walmart...maybe the toys will last longer amongst the tirade of small boys and their lack of gentleness.

check out my helper. 
he and asher love to help in the kitchen. usually judah and gabe are very busy building excellent works of engineering awesomeness and don't offer to help. --hey, we all have our passions.
sometimes i ask them to help anyway. 
and sometimes i just let whoever wants to help do it.
elijah sampled a few too many strawberries while cutting them.
there were barely any left to serve at dinner.
but it's the thought that counts, right?

my friend told me about a book called "training hearts, teaching minds" by starr meade.
it's based on the shorter catechism.
sometimes people freak out when they hear the word "catechism," but it's really just instruction in the principles of Christianity using set questions and answers.
we've used the "truth and grace memory book 1" catechism by tom ascol for years with the boys.
although we're kinda sporadic about it...because i drop the ball a lot...the boys learn a lot from it.
this new book by starr meade has a catechism question and answer for the week as well as a short reading for each day. included in the reading is a Scripture verse that goes with it.
so far the kids have done well with it.
i'm thankful for my friend who hooked me up with this great resource. 

outside it's chilly and the rain stopped yesterday afternoon.
everything is blooming and green.
after a season of dry, oppressive heat, it's so nice to have this reprieve.

may your upcoming weekend be filled with family and rest, friends. 


  1. We love "Training hearts, teaching minds"..glad you all are enjoying it too..and i think walmart/target idea is terrific :-)

  2. yes, nive, thanks very very much for passing this wonderful idea on to me. i really like the book. it's short and doable but not just surface level. so good.
    hope y'all are well!


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