Sunday, October 13, 2013

four different posts

so this could probably be like four different posts. 
here's a little of this and a little of that.

asher comes home from school every day around 10:30, which gives us a bit of time alone before all the brothers come home.

this week i realized that with speech therapy, errands, cleaning, and occasionally getting together with a friend or two for lunch, we really are not spending too much time actually together. 
so friday i packed up a lunch for us and we headed to the zoo. 
we rode the train and saw animals.
just the two of us.

it was a lovely time.
while i don't think this can be a weekly going on outings together...hopefully we can find more time to do it in the future.
he's so photogenic, isn't he? 
and just to keep it real, although the zoo was awesome, we got back late and he was cranky and then i overbooked our afternoon full of "fun" things that turned out to be just a bit too much for all the boys.
but it was a fun day, nonetheless. 

yesterday, we had the privilege to visit some friends of ours in a nearby town.
i've mentioned them before.
they run gomer's house, a 99-year-old mansion that they are restoring to minister to their community. 
it's a beautiful story.
each year they have a fish fry fundraiser where they also sell paintings and pie. 
it's pretty much amazing.

and what did they have for my children to enjoy?
a fallen tree.
it rocked our world.
i basically am raising monkeys trapped in boys' bodies. 
they are climbers.

this is one of stephanie's paintings. it now hangs in my laundry room.
it's so, so true.
*she has an etsy shop if you're interested in buying beautiful art from her to help support gomer's house.
she even does custom orders. 

then apparently something went wonky because asher has been coughing up a storm and needing neb treatments. although i don't like being woken up at 5am, he is pretty darn cute and also irresistible.

earlier this morning we tore down a huge trumpet vine that was providing shade to our kitchen but was also destroying our house.
we also trimmed lots and lots of bushes and trees in our back yard. it's looking nicer every day.
i know it's silly, but the trumpet vine coming down makes it feel like this is our house. sure, all our stuff is here and we've lived here for 2 1/2 months, but pulling roots out of the ground really stakes a claim on a place. 
it felt productive. 
and i love productive.

 lastly, i have been starting to watch what i eat and exercise more.
i'm praying and hoping this will be a lasting change.
often times i'll be on a roll and then an illness or trip will put an abrupt end to all my efforts. 

it's raining here in south texas today.
our plans got cancelled and our kid is sick.
but despite that, it's pretty wonderful around here.
football in the background, fall candles around.
i love it here.


  1. I thought you were looking amazing when I saw you. Thank you for the love.

    1. of course. -got nothing BUT love for the cherry fam!


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