Tuesday, October 8, 2013

our state fair

so our north texas side of the family got together once again for the state fair. 
it's pretty much amazing.
we go every year.
and every year we get better at it.

the first year with all four boys was pure, unadulterated chaos.
now...we're pros.

--the fam--
my mom, our friend erin, asher, my sister, judah, elijah, gabe, and the hubs
--my dad was getting a corn dog. it's kinda his thing.

on our way to the fair (and perhaps for weeks beforehand during every phone conversation) my sister and i will call each other and sing the state fair theme song. 
have you ever seen that musical? --state fair?
the song goes a little something like this...

"our state fair is a great state fair
don't miss it, don't even be late
it's dollars for donuts that our state fair
is the best state fair in the state"
and then a pig oinks for a few beats.
--because what musical worth its salt doesn't have a pig oinking for a measure or two?

the kids like the oinking part. or maybe they only tolerate it and my sister and i are the only ones who enjoy the song. the world may never know.

needless to say, the excitement and anticipation build for weeks (because that's how far out we plan it) and then...finally...the state fair is here!
--the crowds rejoice!!!--

look at these wee cuties being farmers. 

he's putting all his eggs in one basket. 

carnivorous judah.

thrill-seeking gabe.

we stumbled upon these guys while walking the back way to a green house filled with gorgeous plants and toy trains. and it was air-conditioned. what more could a mom ask for?
 the man on the bird is actually on stilts and he controls the head of the bird with the reigns. i think i was more amazed by it than the boys. it was pretty cool.

we pet animals, ate turkey legs and fried s'mores, watched amazing things, painted pumpkins, and drank yummy, ice cold root beer.
with six adults and 4 kids, it's quite an orchestrated event, but we always have such a great time.

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