Friday, September 27, 2013

multiple choice...shock and awe

last week it rained. a lot. three days in a row. i nearly peed myself with excitement.
we've never had a yard with fancy things like grass and trees and shrubs and flowers. 
more like dirt and weeds and sticks. 
super classy.
anyhow... maintaining the yard has proven to be a bit of a task. 
and i'm up to it. but it takes a lot of time.
it's worth it though.

but having a week off of watering saved me like a ga-jillion hours and i have enjoyed the increased free time. 
what's better than free time?
free time with stuff blooming in your yard because it rained. 

so in other news, we've had some interesting happenings around here. when i texted my friend to let her know a few of them, she said, "ah, the joys of parenting."
yeah. joys.

i've found that in parenting there are moments of shock and awe.
they can be shock and awe with joy 
or shock and awe with dismay.
we've had a few of both.

i'm not gonna name names but we're going to cover the top 4 things that happened this week and you can guess who's who.

1. one of our children has learned to write his name and no longer needs to trace it.
this is kinda amazing, since education is often a struggle in our home.
shock and awe with joy

2. one of our kids earned himself a trip to the principal's office yesterday.
hit a kid in the mouth. 
yeah, yeah, there's more details as to who did what to whom, but a trip to the principal after only one month of school?
shock and awe with dismay. 
and a bit of feeling like a failure.
but with grace we press on. 

3. one of our kids has decided that he likes to sit with us after dinner, when all the other kids leave, and just listen and chat. it's pretty remarkable and fun. we're trying not to call him out on it or call attention to it because then that might change things, but we are enjoying getting to spend some extra time with him.
shock and awe with joy.

4. my favorite of the week: one of our children can't seem to be bothered with using frivolous things like tissues, and so recently we discovered while changing his sheets that he's been creating himself a booger wall. who needs a tissue when you have your wall, right there?
shock and awe with dismay...and a little bit of joy. 
*we made him clean it up. now he has a box of tissues on his bed. it shan't be happening again.

boys are fun. and gross. but mostly fun.

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