Friday, September 6, 2013

"normal person" pah!

i thought i'd share some of my random with you. you can laugh at me if you want to. i am ok with it.

yesterday a man who was homeless wanted to bump heads with me. it's kinda a weird story. he was excited. we had already shaken hands so i suppose it was the next logical step for affirmation. i had little choice. he was so nice. -but not very clean. at all. the rest of the day my head was itching because...i am a hypochondriac. all i could think was, "maybe the hubs needs to come home and de-louse me." it was all in my head. i assure you, after making the hubs check, i do not have lice. whew. i've always been a hypochondriac. when friends call me to tell me two days after we had a playdate that their kid has hands, foot, mouth i start feeling faint and want to wash all our appendages as well as our sheets. when i see a commercial about diabetes or bed bugs or theraflu, i itch or start coughing. it's pretty ridiculous. i acknowledge this. acceptance is the first step, right?

i was using the sprinkler in my yard... moving it with a flexible hose is kinda difficult and probably quite hilarious to watch, since you can't turn off the water or the hose shrinks. so i'm shielding my eyes and moving the sprinkler and one tiny drop of water goes directly into my ear drum. for the rest of the morning, any time i bit down or touched my face it sounded like it was echoing.

after i moved the sprinkler i decided to go exercise because two times in two weeks is probably some sort of record, so i headed out. i was soaking wet from the sprinkler and probably looked like a really intensely passionate exercise lady who sweats a ton.

--these are not the problems of a normal person.

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