Friday, August 30, 2013

hey look...a shiny object

when i began writing this post, i had a plan in mind. and that plan has been dashed to bits on the rocks of attention deficit, so hold on to your hats, people.
what once was well-thought-out is now a hodge podge of random. 
hey, it's how i roll.

today after dropping the boys off at school, i sat down with the hubs and said, "who is the most spoiled girl in the world? that would be me."

(and now my train of thought's gonna derail for a few paragraphs)

we have been adjusting to the school schedule and it's been going well. --and by "well" i mean that nobody has assaulted anyone at school and nobody has had a nervous breakdown because they are so exhausted they can't stand the sight of another human being. (i say this, but i know the clock is ticking and sooner or later, the breakdowns will happen. the hubs asked me to get it on video, because last year's exhaustion breakdowns were...i'm not gonna lie...kinda hysterical. --in every sense of the word.)
-you're the kind of parents that hold and hug your children when they have a breakdown and i'm the kind who gets it on video? it's ok. we can still be friends.

this year we are adjusting to a new school, a new house, a new routine, and all four boys in school instead of one. it's had its rough moments, to be sure.
but we adapted. 
and now it's going a bit more smoothly.
next week might be a different story: homework starts and reading with each child for 20 minutes jillion minutes. 

back to the point of this whole post. -yes, there might be a point.
despite the craziness, in the morning after i drop off my children, i get to enjoy having a quiet time with Jesus that is actually quiet. 
go figure.

i sit and listen to our fountain (see? spoiled girl) and drink my frap (the cheaper kind that you can buy in bulk at the store. i try not to pay $5 for coffee) and read the Word of God and seriously people, it's pretty much the most serene thing ever. 

i didn't realize when i took the pic above that my wallet was in the photo, so now with the journal and the wallet, it may look like i'm obsessed with gnomes. --which i pretty much am. why hide it from y'all any more? i can't keep up this charade. i'm a gnome lover. there. i said it.

i am enjoying the time to myself. 
someday i might get lonely, but for now i'm getting things done and am able to complete a thought in my head without forgetting my name or where i am. 
(anyone get the hilariousness of the fact that i just said i can complete a thought and this whole post has demonstrated quite the opposite? teehee. oh look...something shiny.)

it's been so hot, it's been hard to enjoy being outside. but i'm making it work because our yard is phenomenal. --all because the previous owners worked their wee bums off. 
see? even in this drought, things are blooming.

-spoiled girl-

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