Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ignore the previous posts where i thought i had my poo together.

so when i wrote this blog post right here last week, i was delusional.
i mean, yes i'm still blessed and spoiled. 
but the part about it being "tough but we're adjusting" to school and routine when we're running around like crazy people with the lunch making and fighting and bribing with starburst candies... it's hilarious.


one week of school and i'm like, "ooh i have my poo together."

this week, homework began. fits began. behavior marks began.
the note above was sent home on monday.
i know some parents would not share their behavior issues with people on blogland. but i say, if you can't share your feelings, joys and frustrations, with people you've never met on the internet, who can you share them with?
i gots to be real, people. 
(and in his defense, he's made so much progress since we got him 3 years ago. he has come so, so far. and i am proud. not of fists and tongues, but of his progress and hard work.)

second grade brought a slew of homework. a slew. --not sure how much a literal slew is exactly, but just go with it.
and in my whole parenting life we have scraped and clawed our way through learning new concepts. most things do not come easily for my kiddos. and that's cool.
but this week we found out that one of our children is ahead.
the trumps shall resound.
how shall we celebrate this auspicious occasion? 
more homework.

dear maggie may: your child is ahead. we shall foster this love of learning and this triumph by assigning more work. i know you'll love it. you're welcome. 

so in addition to notes being brought home about fists, additional homework, reading, reading, more reading, and some more reading, i have an old illness that's flaring up and a skunk sprayed my two dogs.

but i'm reminded in times like this, where it feels as though i can't keep my head above water...
rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:16

what, maggie may, you just complained for an entire post and then throw in Scripture? did that really just happen?
i'm throwing it down, people.

when i'm feeling slumpy and crummy, i can't help but remember that the Lord is good to me. 
He has rescued me and provided for me, and i can't help but be thankful.
in those moments when i want to pull my hair out, in those moments of triumph and excitement, i am called to pray without ceasing. and give thanks in everything
i pray God opens my eyes and guides me to be consistently joyful... no matter the circumstance.  
and that i would be quick to repent when i am anything BUT joyful, when i have so much to be joyful about.
may we rejoice always


  1. You are a Joy and so are your precious boys!!! Hold your head up high are doing great!

    1. thanks! there are hard days, but we are so very blessed. :)


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