Wednesday, May 22, 2013

something God alone can see

today is a bit rough. although i have all my cuties home with me, it's one of those days.
yesterday the hubs and i drove out to houston to celebrate the life of a beautiful lady.
she was my sister-in-law's mom. 
she battled with cancer. 
and man, did she fight.

but yesterday we joined with a huge group of loved ones to say goodbye. 
for now. 
we shall see each other again someday.

so i returned home late last night, sad and grieving for my sis-in-law and her beautiful family.
and everything around me just seems like such work. recently there have been several deaths, losses, tragedies. and with each one comes a yearning for God to heal, to comfort and protect, to give peace... to these families that have lost so much. 

but it's hard to stay sad with faces like this to keep you company.

 i am so very thankful we got to be with family during this time.
and when i returned home, this was growing in the front yard. 
the first bloom.
and it reminds me of an old hymn:

the hymn of promise

in the bulb, there is a flower
in the seed, an apple tree
in cocoons, a hidden promise
butterflies will soon be free
in the cold and snow of winter
there's a spring that waits to be
unrevealed until its season
something God alone can see

and the last verse... it makes me cry every time:

in our end is our beginning
in our time, infinity
in our doubt there is believing
in our life, eternity
in our death, a resurrection
at the last, a victory
unrevealed until its season
something God alone can see


  1. That hymn gave me goosebumps. Beautiful!!

  2. don't you love it? i think it's gorgeous.


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