Wednesday, May 15, 2013


this season has been one of my favorite springs in a long time.

beauty is springing up all around me and i thought i'd share.

jami nato talked about mrs. meyer's geranium scent on her blog a few weeks ago. and like a true stalker, i went out and bought it. and i'm obsessed. 

it's lovely. i also got the hand soap.
another thing i love but didn't take a picture of is my dish soap. i know it sounds silly. -a while ago on a blog...i can't remember which, they mentioned some tips to make household chores a bit more appealing and uplifting. one of the things the lady talked about was using a dish soap you loved the smell of. i found one, and it makes my heart happy. it's the little things, folks.

 these beauties were blooming when i went to kentucky

 we've seen an unusual amount of rain here the past few weeks and it's been amazing.
it's probably still less than we actually need to avoid a drought, but for may in texas, we're doing alright!

 snuggle time with my munchkin

 you know you're hard core when you bring weapons to snack time

 paper airplanes with daddy. they're fanatics. 

 my almost-second-grader

 my company during my Bible reading time

elijah is the more timid of my sons. he jumped right in and was pretty fearless

 picnic with friends


 at dinner. really? breakfast of champions? really?


  1. Well, now I need the hand soap. love you.

  2. i love you too! the hand soap will make you feel springy. brings me joy.
    hope you and your family are well!


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