Sunday, May 12, 2013

spoiled rotten

this weekend was the stuff of legends.
i'm a spoiled rotten mama. 
we had so much fun.
we packed up and went to a museum.
i'm embarrassed to say we've lived near san antonio for a really long time and had never gone.

we had a great time.

there were dinosaurs.

 and tree houses.

 and lots of learning.

 here's what they look like when you say, "make a silly face." 

 and here's what they look like when you say, "smile and be good, or else!"

--i jest. 
but gabe really did choose his own pose here, because he learned it at school.
our tax dollars at work, people.

we followed it all up with a picnic at a park and a cook out complete with twinkle lights and a bunch of dirty boys running around in the evening light.

it was awesome.

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