Thursday, May 30, 2013

it's gotta have character

i keep buying fresh flowers for myself. it's a total waste of money and is not frugal at all... 
but man, peonies smell amazing. 
and a vase of them sitting next to my sink, or on the coffee table, or on the bedside table (i carry them around with me like kathleen kelley on "you've got mail") makes the day a bit brighter.

for memorial day we went to our friends' house and celebrated with them by eating fresh, cool watermelon, climbing trees, finding frogs, and throwing rocks in a river. it was a blast. what a peaceful, lovely, fun-filled day...followed by a bunch of sleeping children. beautiful.

our house is under contract, we found a new house and are under contract with that one now, too.
exciting times, people.

a few months ago, a friend of mine told me that the houses she has lived in have sung to her. 
--she just knows they're the one. 
i saw our new house (only the outside) a month ago, loved it, the yard was so peaceful and lovely...what a refuge. it was singing to me. but before we could get to see it, it was under contract.  
i was sad. but even if we had seen it, it would have been too early to put an offer on it based one how our own house selling was going.

never in the history of our marriage have the hubs and i agreed on an older home. i love the character, he hates the upkeep. but what if we could find one that had the best of both worlds...updated kitchen and bathrooms, older elements in an established neighborhood with big yards and beautiful trees? 

this past weekend that house went up on the market again. 
and who was the first to see it?
our family.
we love it.
we signed papers. we're in it to win it, now, folks.

look at God go with His timing. 

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  1. Hey Margaret! I finally subscribed to your blog - I have missed hearing how your family is since you got off Facebook! I don't have email addresses for you or your Mom - I got a birthday card from your Mom and it made me smile. My exciting news is that I am having a little girl in September! Exciting & crazy & time is going way too fast. Congrats on the soon to be new house - Kelly (


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