Thursday, June 6, 2013

random, scattered season

life around here has been a bit scattered lately. 
summer has officially started here and we rang in the new season with a trip to chuck-e-cheese, where chaos abounded. 

before we went, though, i had to look at a house, because the one we wanted fell through. and then another fell through. and in a month we'll be homeless. 
and finding temporary housing for a family of 6 is a BIT of a challenge.
i bribed the children with a jolly rancher for each house. 
i may or may not have "the mother of the year" award in the bag. 

judah said, "why do we have to look at ANOTHER house?!" and i quickly replied, "because we have to find a place to live."

i've been trying to use this unexpected event to remind myself and teach my children about trusting God. 
at one point, i told gabe, "sometimes in life, you're not gonna know what God's doing. but that's ok. HE knows what He's doing." **deep breath. deep breath. whew. i just wish He would fill me in on His plans. 

on a lighter note, i went grocery shopping with the younger boys and the check-out lines were awful. we ended up parked in a line near a tv showing lego batman. instead of staying with the cart, the kids asked if they could watch. and then they sat. and then people looked at us. 
--what? your kids don't sit in the middle of HEB and watch tv, unaware of carts and groceries and shoppers? don't be jealous because i accidentally stumbled upon this amazing idea. 
*just to clarify, they were not in the way of shoppers. we were considerate.

and the latest news: my baby turned 4. 
i know, he looks 2 1/2 but that's just the failure to thrive impacting his growth.
what a cutie, huh!

and how did we spend his birthday, you ask? 
he told us he wanted to eat at taco cabana and promptly fell asleep in the car, slept all through dinner, and all the way home, until someone said the word, "icecream" and he shot up and yelled that he wanted some, too. 
that's my boy.


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