Sunday, March 17, 2013

fun times had by all

this weekend was too much fun. i mean, jealousy should abound within you because, man, i tell yah, we know how to have a good time up in here.
party planners and adventure-goers call us for advise.
big on overstatements? 
 but we DID have an awesome weekend.

my too-awesome mother-in-law brought me some things of her mother's from kansas. 
first up... 
colored pyrex baking dishes. 
some might use them to bake in.
but me? i use them to display washi tape.

ain't it cheerful?

gabe lost his second tooth. but then it really got lost and he was majorly bummed, so i told him we'd write the tooth fairy a wee note explaining things.
she's so understanding. 

my mother-in-law and i made cards so the boys could write thank you notes. i had to buy more gender-neutral washi tape and cardstock because i realized all mine were super girly. 

the cake. 
who bought fun star wars angry bird balls but didn't want to wash them to put them on the cake, so they just put muffin cups under them to keep the cake clean? 
--that would be me.

we played bingo and let me tell times were had by all. 

each adult had a kid to help. i helped elijah. he won last. i think i made him unlucky.

this dude here... he turned five this weekend. -which he pointed out to just about everyone he could find. especially his brother who is three weeks younger than him. 
i think it's hilarious when kids brag about how old they are... because they have SO much control over it and all. it's like bragging when you're tall. silly tall people.

a winner.

grandpa and the tooth-loser. 

"i am not a crook" 
wait...anyone else get that nixon reference?

our five year old cutie pie got this 360 for his bday. and he was stoked.

hope you all had an awesome weekend, too. 


  1. You make me happy. Move here and let's start an olive grove. Amen.

  2. ooh fun! i don't like olives but i'll farm them with you. :)


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