Wednesday, March 13, 2013

change of plans

we had an elaborate trip that included visiting numerous family members in two states.
but asher had a different plan.

 the bigger dudes and their daddy went on to finish the visiting. they had a great time playing with bows and arrows and petting turtles at the aquarium.
and asher and i stayed close to home.

 sometimes even though i have great plans laid out, God has better ones.
although i'd never want asher to be sick, sometimes his illnesses have allowed us alone time together... and they are blessings, too.

we went for a picnic with friends, enjoying a little bit of spring time. 

we ate fro-yo with grandpa. 

we sat and read books to keep from coughing. 
my friend stormy always buys us the best books!

asher would pretend to shoot me, i'd fall dead on the floor, and then proceed to scare the pee out of him when i came back to life. 
if you don't like pretending hands are guns, ignore that part. 

we ate our FIRST sno-cone of the season. it's a momentous occasion.
sno-cone season is upon us and it rocks my face off.
cherry with sour spray. mmm mmm good.

and i had a chance to share something from my childhood.
i used to love this book, "cars and trucks and things that go." and my mom found a newer, less worn copy at half-priced-books. 
i SO enjoyed watching her read it with him this week.

did you ever read this? you find goldbug on each page.
asher and i had such a fun time searching for him.

and it brought back great memories.

our change of plans turned out to be a sweet blessing. 

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