Monday, March 18, 2013

banshee brigade and other alliterations of awesomeness

and after that last post about how lovely our weekend was... the kids have decided to go bur-zurk. fighting, name calling, tantrum throwing. it's like a crazy carnival of chaos up in here.
--do i get mad props for my alliteration just then?

i have these ideas in my head, not grand ones, just ones where i can sit down with a kid or two or three or four, read a book, talk about it, make a pizza, help a kid with homework, or the like, and no one screams, hits, bites, kicks, is disrespectful, or rude. apparently this is a fantasy. a fantasy of awesomeness that we cannot achieve at this time.

***whispering so they can't hear me: i think they're planning a coup and if you don't hear from me within a few days, call the police. they've probably won. and i bet they'll tie me up in the laundry room with only the smell of dirty laundry to keep me company. by the time anyone notices i'm missing, they will have put war-paint on their faces and have probably killed a pig. not sure where they found one, since we live in the city. nevertheless, lord of the flies happening up in here. SOS.***

along with my ideas of plans, i have things i'd like the kids to learn: how to be a good steward, how to be joyful and not complain, (they are probably learning the complaining thing from this blogger lady who talks about tantrum throwing...ahem) how to serve others and think of others first, and all these magical, beautiful, lovely concepts that would create peace and harmony in the home. then we'd dance and hold hands and sing together. kum-ba-yah, my Lord...
and while somedays i strive to teach these things, somedays i am tempted to give up.
somedays i DO give up.
we can start fresh tomorrow. His mercies are new every morning, mine should be, too.

and the reason for this post? because it's easy to show pretty pictures of our family getting along and enjoying each other and ignore the part where we don't get along so well. some days are thataway.
and as i hum "i need Thee every hour most gracious Lord" under my breath so i don't yell at someone for stealing my things and not putting them back for the hundredth time, (seriously, what DO they need all that scotch tape for, anyway?!) i will remember that He's with me and i am not alone in this banshee brigade.
--alliteration again. bomb-dizzle.

i'm thankful God's got my back, because the kids are too busy bothering one another and i sure can use His help. thank the Lord He doesn't give up on us! can i get a halleluyer?!

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