Wednesday, February 20, 2013

lincoln logs and ways to be thrilling

this little guy's been sick.

how do you keep 4 children busy when one can't play and be wild and free like he's used to?
give him a new neb mask that looks like a fish. that's thrilling. 

draw some pictures. also thrilling.
--elijah doesn't like to be seen anymore apparently. i assure you, he does exist. 

this whole bit lasted less than 10 minutes. maybe next time we'll do puzzles. 
we've watched tons of tv to keep asher from running around and coughing up a lung. 

judah is quite the budding artist. he likes to hang up his pictures in his room. needless to say, there's a whole lotta superheroes and car pictures plastered up on those walls. 

i'll leave you with a random fun quote: "was abraham lincoln logs our president?" 

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