Sunday, February 17, 2013

teeth and villains and literacy...oh my!

around here...

the fwins (fake twins...they're three weeks apart) have started reading. so i bought them the "bob" books. they're kind of obsessed, because reading makes them feel big and important like big brother.

asher is not yet reading, but likes to hide behind books.
who doesn't, i ask you. who doesn't?

 these two look angry. aargh! bob books!
jk, jk. they're just really focused.

chillin' like villains

the big news around here... besides literacy... is our first tooth...GONE! 
elijah and gabe have been competing to lose the first tooth. looks like elijah won. 
he's pretty excited. 

the hubs gave me lilies for valentine's day. we don't do much for that around here, but he's a sweetheart and knows how to make me smile. they smell amazing, right above my kitchen sink. they make doing dishes more lovely and fun.

hope you all are having a restful Sabbath.


  1. Lulu lost her first tooth too. Love seeing your readers!

    1. hooray for teeth! and losing them!
      miss your face


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