Sunday, January 6, 2013

tea time power hour

 so i bought my children this sock monkey tea set. i thought it was cute. and i thought my boys could stand to play with something other than action figures and race cars for  
an afternoon. 
and look!
 it's gender neutral. 

as i was checking out, i told the cashier that i had four boys and was hoping they'd stop wrestling long enough to have a tea party with me. the cashier said he was one of four boys and then said, 
"good luck."
inspiring words, cashier. thanks for the encouragement.

--so i did what any good mother would do. i bribed my children with apple juice and reese's peanut butter cups. and it went swimmingly. 

elijah liked having dessert, asher liked pouring his own drinks

gabe and judah liked re-enacting the scene from "despicable me" where they make the "clink" sounds while tapping cups.  

it was a great afternoon all around. 
to commemorate our first tea party, i told the boys to look serious, like we were having a "proper" tea party. these are their serious faces. 

and this is what they really look like.
i think "tea party" sounds too fancy, so i think from now on we'll call it
"tea time power hour." it's tea time... for the hard core. 

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