Wednesday, January 16, 2013

sausage fingers and prints

so i had sinus surgery on friday. it was the pits.
and the best part is the people who tell you their testimonies before you go in.
people, i've had wisdom teeth out and PRK done to my eyes (a horrible version of lasik that feels like your corneas are burning off...not an overstatement)... so i'm not exactly a surgical veteran. 
people told me it didn't work, it wouldn't work, they'd shove tampons up my nose, and i'd feel amazing. --not sure how i feel about those options.

so i went. they drugged me. i got a shot because i said my teeth hurt. apparently that's common.
 teeth hurt? give 'em steroids. (it did work, for the haters out there. if you are into a holistic approach, don't read on. you'll go blind. and possibly have a seizure.) the hospital took great care of me. 
my hubs took great care of me. 
my mom came in to care for the kids... and care for me... because i'm her baby.

i spent several days in bed, followed by a day of feeling just the most awful ever and asking for steroids, all while having itchy hands and feet. --which turned out to be an allergic reaction to my antibiotics. and at some point there was a hallucination that i had big sausage fingers like shrek. but now i'm off bad meds, on good meds, and feeling great. 

i dropped the kids off early at prek yesterday, bought myself some fresh flowers at the store, and lit a candle. and all is right with the world. 

sure i have a sore nose. sure i have a somewhat dirty house, but hey, i've got i WILL... soon enough. bam. take that, sinus infections since i was 12! 

love the print above? i bought it from the sister of a blogger i stalk continuously.
visit her etsy shop and buy it. and then visit the artist's sister, ashley ann, whom i blogstalk. you just might love that, too. look at my generosity and goodwill. ain't it grand, folks?

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