Monday, October 1, 2012

tomorrow the hubs is going to the boys' school to enjoy a date. it's called "daddy and donuts day."
i'm not sure if the kids are more excited about daddy... or the donuts.

this weekend we went through old halloween costumes, trimmed hedges, painted a few things, and enjoyed one another's company. the hubs helped the boys build stellar lego planes and cars. he's got talent, i'll tell yah that much.

and now that it's officially october, i will be decorating the house for fall.
it's thundering outside and the rain just let up. could life get any better?
(this is our halloween picture from last year...just to get in the mood)


  1. i love Fall. And your babies are the sweetest.

    1. you say the sweetest things! tomorrow i start running with a friend and i might be cursing at you in my head as i do it... since you're part of my inspiration. -yes i am aware we have never actually met... ;) wish me luck!


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