Thursday, September 27, 2012

changing the norm

yesterday in the midst of chaos, we received our operation christmas child form. 
so around our dinner table we discussed how some little boys and girls do not get to celebrate Christmas. 
we talked about how wonderfully blessed we are... and that we should be good stewards of what God has given us. 
we get to share. we get to give.
so we planned out how each boy will pick out their own shoebox full of goodies for little boys in faraway places. 

after talking about this opportunity, gabe drew this. the orange t-shirt says, "caring friend."
the caring friend is giving a gift. ---even though it might look like an ominous black box, it's really a gift, don't be fooled.

after reading this and this by jami nato, it really made me think. we really try to keep Christmas simple around here because, after all, we are not celebrating ourselves, we are celebrating Him. the ultimate gift. but when i read those posts by jami (apparently we're on a first-name basis...yah know...when we shop together at the grocery store and braid each other's hair and stuff) i thought, "you know, our family could do better." i don't want to just give of our excess...i want to give in a way that is sacrificial. 

i'm not exactly sure what steps in addition to prayer to take...but i'm determined to make it happen. this upcoming Christmas season will not pass without us truly basking in the awesomeness that is Jesus. 

so whether it's operation Christmas child or any other wonderful way to give... around here, we're gonna step it up a notch. and this is not a, "hey look at us, we're awesome and sacrificial," because anyone who knows us knows that's not true, but it IS a public way to hold myself and our family accountable to make sure conviction turns into action. so if come january, you haven't heard any more about this and all i post is outlandish pictures of Christmas-gone-crazy, you can comment and say, "what the crap, maggie may, you suck." and i'll appreciate that. because that's what real friends do. and despite the fact we might not have ever met or know each other's last names, we can still be real friends. now gimme a hug.

*if you'd like more info on operation Christmas child, visit 

**and a special thanks to jami nato for her awesome, deep thoughts that stir up people to action. 
way to go, chiquita bonita. 


  1. Lol you and jami aren't bff's.....hehe. Her blog is amazing.
    We used to do this at emily's school every christmas when she was
    a little girl. It was great. I need to do this with my little one. Thanks for the that.

  2. You are so funny and so right.We are doing the shoe box for past couple of years now and love it and yes my prayer is that we may never become that kind of family where season of "giving" starts sometime in fall and ends on morning after Christmas.
    hugs :-)


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