Wednesday, September 26, 2012

tricky boys

today i am getting sick. 
you know...when you can feel it itching up the back of your throat and you can only breathe through one nostril. classy.

so the boys played ball. 
like our 2 foot section of dark stain? you can thank our neighbors...who had no business staining our side. it looks awesome doesn't it? maybe a big mural of my face will make it look better. any takers?

yep, that's my kid...with no pants on.
pants are highly overrated in his humble opinion.
elmo underwear is made to be seen.

"oh mom, you'd like to lay down on the couch and you think i'll watch that movie with you? when there's scissors to be found and used? you crazy, mama. it takes mad skills to cut up paper into these tiny little pieces that you can't pick up."

"look, ma, i cut out superman all by myself. proud?"

"sure, we look innocent enough..."

can you tell the theme for this room? 
yep, chaos is a theme. it's all the rage.

so that was my day. 
and all you hard-core mamas who are awesome at your jobs say to yourselves, "hey, that's every wednesday in our house. we're rockin' it out with blunt tip scissors and no pants weekly. that's how we roll."

come help me, please.
--cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle

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  1. Chaos is the everyday theme of our house..i have spend entire morning picking it will be back to *normal* tomorrow sometime.Feel better my friend .


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