Saturday, October 6, 2012

your beard is in the mail

i feel as if all my posts lately are a hodge-podge. then again, my life kinda feels like a hodge-podge. so we're gonna roll with it.

this was our last lazy saturday in quite awhile, folks. and we enjoyed it.

this is how i found elijah when i went to get him up from rest time...can you find him?
it's like where's waldo, but without the stripes to help.
look for the lump in the white. yep, that's my boy.
apparently he likes to build "forts" for himself and then falls asleep in them. --and by "in them" i mean he rolls himself up in them like an adorable taco. 

we attended a fundraiser today where our friends made all sorts of things and sold them to raise money for a mission trip to moldova. here's the hubs, sporting a crocheted beard. it's all the rage. i bought you one for Christmas. it's in the mail.

 we booked family photos today as well. which means i've been trying to pair outfits together all afternoon and have failed miserably. you know that gene that women have that can coordinate outfits and make them look awesome? yep. i'm missing that one.

and my boys love each other. "brothers don't shake hands...brothers gotta hug!"
--anyone? am i the only one who watches hilarious yet stupid movies?

when the day is spent with my family and the night is ending with the windows open and a fall candle burning, i find it hard to get anything done. laziness is more fun. and when we call it "relaxing" it sounds even better.
go relax.


  1. I am missing that 'coordinating' gene too and lack patience in that dept terribly..Ha ha .

    1. that's just another thing we have in common....the list grows!


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