Monday, October 15, 2012

friendship sweaters

when you saw the title of this post, did you form an image in your head of myself and a friend in matching hideous sweaters? just me? 

well, onto the point: i told you that you'd be jealous. 
aren't my gifts from my accountability partner fun?
she's a keeper...because of her presents...and um...oh yeah...her godly wisdom. yeah, that too.

i received these on saturday and am half-way through "7" by jen hatmaker. i want to be her friend. i might knit her a sweater or make her a friendship bracelet. that always works for me, in case you're wondering how to win me over. that, and aprons. and vintage linens made into lovely gifts... and... you get the idea.

now onto folding laundry and watching bad tv on hulu.
peace out, playas.

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